They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but I add that beauty is in the hands of the holder. Our skin, hair, body shape, most of the time we contribute to how we look like. We want a smooth glowing  skin, soft good looking hair and we come across different types of cosmetic that are meant to fulfill our desire. But have you ever considered using natural cosmetic for your skin or hair?. If not I will advice you to try it, because they are the latest fixation in the field of beauty and fashion. Manufactured with natural ingredients extracted from plants and flowers with vitamin E that gives you a healthy and glowing skin.



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Natural cosmetics suits all skin types oily, dry, fair or dark finding a fine selection of  body cream, soap, hair oil, face powder name it all, will be a good choice because they contain less chemicals hence they have no side effects. Plus most of this products are not expensive  compared to synthetic ones. Natural made from our own home products, gives you a better opportunity to make the best out of it.  But first things first at least wash your face twice a day whether you applied make up or not wash it. If you have a dry skin moisturize and oil it to avoid skin breakage. Oily face find a great cleanser but keep it moisturized, most people confuse oiling and moisturizing, don’t forget oily skin gets dehydrated too which can cause other effects. Lastly choose your make up wisely.

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I found this amazing company which is inspired by the finest local African natural ingredients that have been used effectively for centuries, to protect hair and skin.  Eyanaturals have lots of products that will give you a whole new experience not only for your skin but also for hair. If you find it difficult to know which products to buy seek advice from a beauty therapist.




  1. francis Gor Reply

    Beauty and brains defines a woman, but more to that is when she realises her potential, strength and fall in love with her art.i see you i see one and am proud o you. keeping on keeping on african pride love your art and love you too..

  2. Wow….. You just rock it gal from your short hairstyle to your dress it!

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