First time attending a wedding I was twelve years, my mum sew an outfit that made me look like a thirty five year old lady going to work. I loved it, tell me to wear that type of outfit now and see my jaws drop down before saying a word. Anyway back then, weddings weren’t as fun for me as I imagined they would  be, but recently things have been different. I no longer go with mum to weddings since turning eighteen, preparation starts quite early not just to attend the wedding but also to meet with friends, take photos, eat and talk about wedding fantasies including: the bridegroom to be, bridesmaids, theme color, food but most importantly when we are getting married and how we want it to be.

               Time: for settling down is based on how comfortable an individual is when it comes to getting married but truth be told most ladies yearn to settle down at least at twenty six. As the years stretch down further, worry, anxiety and pressure starts trickling in, but honestly I don’t think or feel the same way.  

               Place: that is lively and adventurous, mostly a perfect garden backdrop for the special day, where the light is good, the air is warm, no wind and seems almost purr with pleasure. Maybe at the beach where people can dine outdoors overlooking the shores as the sun sets into the sea.

               Wedding gown: is everything to a lady on her wedding day, after all there is something about a wedding gown prettier than in any other gown in the world.  Unique, white, glamorous well-fitted dress. Wanting to feel young, skinny and vibrant, only a few don’t mind not wearing a white gown like someone over here.

               Number of guest: attending the wedding should be compact, the feeling is more mutual if there are faces that are familiar, the fewer the better. That’s why people use invitations cards but the trend has changed, nowadays one invitation card to a friends, invites his/her entire family and relatives.

               Honeymoon: the period of high levels of passionate love, intense feelings of attraction and ecstasy, as well as an idealization of one’s partner. Needs a magical place, an adventurous getaway that’s exotic as a stay in a private castle.

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