My first glance at this handmade crafts fell on their uncomplicated attractiveness. Uniquely created from waste bones sourced from butcheries and slaughterhouses. Passed down from our ancestors who used bones to create weapons, musical instruments, utensils, and carved articles. Steel and plastic has been a hazard to our environment and the resourceful bones are now being  considered fit for human use at Victorious bones art craft in Kibera.

Victorious Bones art craft

Refusing to submit to degradation of poverty and hopelessness Jack Nyawangwa started his own walk of building Victorious bones with an aim to conserve the environment, create employment opportunities to youths in Kibera and provide high quality handcrafts products. The handcrafts are made from cow, goat and camel bones, perfectly sharpened into various shapes then smoothed and cleaned in hydrogen peroxide liquid to remove the oil making it easier for the paint to stick. Candle Wax is then applied to the parts that will remain white, the other part will be black which forms the beautiful prints.

Victorious Bones create different handcrafts products that serve our needs not only from recycles bones but also brass and wood. Items including  necklaces, bracelets, utensils and other accessories are created by energetic young women and men from the kibera community who want to have victory over  poverty, environmental breakdown and awful things taking place in their communities. Currently the group provides jobs employing to over 40 people in Kibera and working very closely with NGO’s to bring tourist who can buy their pieces with major exports to clients in Canada. They also engage in runway events, pop-up shop at Maasai market and other events. Looking for beautiful accessories that will give you more compliments than anything else then victorious bones is the way to go. Unique in their own way with different sizes and designs for both men and women. Visit to shop and also make custom orders.


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