Glamour lies in simplicity which is the ultimate sophistication. Being up tight in our dressing code is no longer the norm of standing out neither is it the definition of cute. Great beauty is a mystery which comes through simplicity, and that’s why great design is a great complexity presented via simplicity like this dashiki shirt dress. Dashiki print which originated from West Africa countries also known as Angelina print is not off the trend yet, so lets enjoy the shine while it lasts. I love shirt dresses for one reason, they are loose, breezy and not fitted or clingy which makes me feel comfortable in them. They sound like casual wear but they have the power to take you everywhere from the office to after-work drinks or a picnic.

For a casual outing you can wear it with a pair of strappy/thong sandals, slip on shoes, sneakers or flat boots. So don’t stress when you feel like you don’t wanna be a bird ensnared in those tight Jeans, throw on that shirt dress and being a free human being.  Don’t get caught up in the frenzy hassle of looking out for a perfect outfit to bring out the glamour in you. Overdressing is the first cousin of trying too hard, look for something that brings the best in you in its simplicity. I’m not saying you should not look good because nothing tastes good as good looking feels. The simple things are the most extraordinary things that brings out the real glamour. After all life is very simple, we ourselves create the circumstance that complicate it. So keep calm and keep it simple.

Dressed by: Biafrik

Photography: by Gor Ogwaga


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