Meet Angelina

During the December holiday, we set out to meet one of the women support group based in Kibera. This was on our continually search for brands that create African designs and local products. Upon arrival we met Angelina the support group lead, a multitalented woman who trains the group into making various products using her artistic skills. Some of their items include; Mats which comes in various shapes and colors depending on their purposes ie. (floor, table, bathroom & toilet mats), baby shoes crochet, homemade detergents from regular soaps to antiseptics, bags, and other accessories. Through this they are able to monetize their products enabling them to support themselves as most of them are either widows or single mums. I found the group to be welcoming and high in spirit in their activities enabling me to learn how to sew mats. No doubt the experience was one of a kind.


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