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Growing up comes with so much responsibility, constantly reflecting on who we really are and our purpose in life. Three months ago I stopped posting articles on my website though I was active on social-media. It was time to hold on the line to reconsider the life I had chosen to live, and I had to be true to myself without selfish doing things to satisfy my ego. Staying true was key for me, a decision that completely changed my life plans, I knew I had to stand alone, stop kicking against the pricks and let go.

Promoting African designs and local products was not one of things that I walked out of, the pause period has not changed my love for African products. The colorful fabrics from the west, beautiful sculptures from the East, significant art and prestigious beads from all over the continent that are inspired by intriguing cultural diversity. Most of the African countries have let go their culture especially my home town Kenya, and it’s time to reclaim it not only by showcasing it to the tourist but also embracing it ourselves. We have over 47 tribes and only 4 are the most prominent when it comes to traditional products that they created. It’s time to step into promote African products as we embrace our culture differences together.

Off-shoulder dress collect @angeliquewear

Previously I haven’t shed light on different cultural products, I focused more on outfits missing out on core purpose of my blog post. Informing my audience is key but I was not providing references to the products I was blogging about. I’m refocusing my blog to share stories of creatives who make African products and provide references with an option of affiliated shop on my site. Talk about cultural significance of products, modern African fashion, and different traditional dressing. Check out my blog every Saturday to see the new trends and read inspiring stories of individuals who are changing the theme of African products. Please feel free to give me feedback on the comments below, I will really appreciate it. Thank you.

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Chokers and Rope-Necklace from angelique wear



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