I would give you a thousand chances to swallow my heart if it means I get to write and hear those little stories about you over again. Waking up to the embrace of your beauty, a lifetime love, a world within your world inside, a dream inside your dream, a cocoon of memories of every moment spent with you. I have trouble sleeping without you, I lose touch with myself without your presences, you have no idea of how hard it is to force myself to stop thinking about you all the time. You might be out of sight but never out of my mind, I want to walk holding your hands to manifest the charm of our love in the street of Nairobi where will never get lonely. Travel with you to take a look at this big world before dark, side by side never losing sight.

Back then I knew that I loved you but I never treated you right. I loved you with words more than with my heart. I neglected you for wanting to be you just because I wanted what was good for me but not what was best for us. I lost you because of my selfish wants which made you hate me. Not listen to you made you feel like you are not worth of being with me. I betrayed our trust when I choose to pursue other things that you deeply warned me about. Things that made me stop living life and just try to get to the next day, just living in the thought of tomorrow as I waited not knowing what I was waiting for. I locked you out, hiding away from you but you kept knocking, shouting how much you loved me and I should stop hurting you. When I finally opened the door, you held me in your arms as I sobbed like a little child, you forgave me and told me everything was going to be okay. I have never been as happier and peaceful since I choose to listen to you and you only.

Although I met you long ago it seems like we just met. I remember it like it was yesterday. It’s a day I’ll never forget. But now your here back in my life and it seems just like a dream, like time stood still so we could meet again,  like the beginning of a love that will not end. So I often wonder about this feeling of love that I feel for you. And I often crave for that beautiful feeling of your love that feels so true. But there are days when reality hits and I realize that your not mine. I was meant to love another just the same way I love you Oremm Maggie.

 You only achieve and experience ultimate self love when you listen to your heart more than your brain.  

HAPPY VALENTINE TO ALL                                     

Photography: Jeffery Adoo




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