Recently I posted two articles on  facebook related to how Africa is fairing on with embracing African wear including the authenticity of the fabrics. It may take a while for some countries to adopt to this culture which to me should just come out naturally, because our resources are our greatest treasure. Africa has really amazing resources that are fabricated to come up with outstanding products. This includes the African jewelry’s which are known for quality and beauty all over the world. Made from different raw materials like the African krobo bracelets made in Ghana.


Krobo beads are made from recycled glass mainly bottles. They are well cleaned then sorted according to their specific colors, broken into small fragments for making translucent beads, they are then sieved to get a very fine powder for making powder glass beads. That’s why they come in different types; opaque, translucent and painted as I have mention in the manufacturing process. The colors of the beads are obtained using different ceramic dyes.


The good thing with this bracelets is you don’t have to worry when and where to wear  them. They come with various colors that fits in with most of our plain outfits. Even with our African wear,  we can still blend in this beads and look incredibly gorgeous.  Apart from their beauty, I love the fact that they are made in Africa, by our distinctly talented craftsmen who have developed unique techniques of creating these amazing and beautiful  products.


I wear my beads every single day and it’s amazing how people just can’t help wanting to know more about them. Beads and handmade jewelry have played an important role in Africa’s life even in the historical times. So it’s up to us to take advantage of this amazing and  beautifully crafted art that lies in our own motherland, putting into consideration that this is a gift that cuts across all ages both men and women including children. This pieces are sold in various areas but you can get your beautiful authentic piece at

Photography by Jeffrey Adu




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