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Victoria Bones

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    Proudly Made In Africa

    Recently I posted two articles on  facebook related to how Africa is fairing on with embracing African wear including the authenticity of the fabrics. It may take a while for some…

  • Style

    Your Beauty Is Your Pride

    They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but I add that beauty is in the hands of the holder. Our skin, hair, body shape, most of the time…

  • Style

    Circle classic pencil with full top

    Even though dinner or any semi-formal event invite can leave you clueless, you definitely still want to put on something that will send a second gaze. At the same time you…

  • Style

    Summer is near

    Aquarius photography Duara fashions Summer is near what do you want to wear?. A light-weight sleeveless plain yellow dress with an African print blended with brown, cream and black patches that…

  • Style

    Why not go African style

    White with wavy multicolored purple, orange, black and spring green mix African wax print formal close-fitting dress, is a rare sartorial that will not only make you classy but gives you…

  • Style


    Posing for a photo is a challenge for most people, family and group photos are always accompanied by say cheers or “chapati”  to get a good image with a certain mood…

  • Style

    The color of your hair

    The color of your hair depends with your choice in the world of today. It can be blue, red yellow any color you want. So I choose brown to some people…


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