Art is life, the things we see and do on a daily basis all combined together brought into a summary in the form of a simple painting or drawing. Art is not just about pretty things neither is it what we see but what we make others visualize. It is also an outward expression of an inward emotional conflict, feelings and even happiness. When I saw the art beside me with a half face lady at Uweza Art, I couldn’t straight forward tell the hidden meaning of the image. I thought it was just a beautiful paint of a lady’s lips who is silenced or is hiding from the world.

Painting is silent poetry, people view it in different perspective and buy it for different reasons, this could be because of the magic in it’s beauty, inspiration within the painting or wildness in it’s creativity. On this specific painting the artist’s idea is his view on tribalism, with her half face covered one can’t tell which tribe she is from, the half faced image could be a symbol that defines us as humans in the same way. Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide. Their words are limitless and can be found anywhere far from where they live or a feet away.

Uweza Arts brings different young artist together to collaborate in creating paintings that portrays different message from all angles including; traditions, politics, nature, history and life in general. Every Saturday they give back to the community by engaging young kids into learning the fundamentals art, this helps them to kick off their journey into the artistic world. Supported by Uweza Foundation they have been able to grow their business and became one of the best Art gallery in Kibera. Frank one of the artist who is driven by passion to create art that impacts people’s lives positively, hopes to reach out to many in the community by spreading his message through art. If you want to visit Uwezo Art Gallery you can contact him on this number 0790553833.

Quote by Vincent Van Gogh: Paintings have lives of their own that derives from the painters soul.




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