To complete an ensemble that represents you, what you place on your feet is just as important as what you wear, and can even take your outfit to the next level. You can consider footwear from Kshoes as must-haves because they are one of a kind, fresh designs that are also made with substance, from the company’s mission, to the shoes’ comfort to your soles. Kshoes produces eco-friendly, fashionable footwear for both global and local markets. Their shoes are made from recycled tires & leather, Kitenge fabric,  suede,  new and old used denim fabric . All designs are handcrafted by local Kibera artisans using traditional techniques that preserve our culture, respect the environment, and empower the people. Their distinct designs are inspired by Kenya’s vibrant culture, colors, textures and way of life.

Julius Otieno the founder, started Kshoes as a social enterprise that cuts across several issues including environment, education, gender, youth and talent empowerment. Their environmental target is to utilize 40% of waste materials to produce quality and durable shoes as they distribute what is not used to other recycling companies. Kshoes facilitates a 2 months incubator program where they train and mentor individuals on the process of making quality designed shoes.  30% of the revenue generated is reinvested into training more individuals in different regions so as to reduce the high rate of unemployment thus encouraging youths to be self-sustainable.

Kshoes designs both male, female, and unisex shoes from sandals, slip on, lace up, boots to heel toe. Their prices ranges from Khs 1500 to 3000 depending on the shoes type.  Kshoes exports shoes within and outside Africa, so if you are aboard don’t hesitate to make your order. They have already made shoes in store but they also accept custom orders. To see more samples of their designs with their prices, visit the products gallery and you can reach out to Julius via this mobile number 0705310538 or email

Shoe making process
Finished lace up shoe
Slip on ladies sandals
Male slip on shoes
Female slip on shoes

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