Over the past years, African women have struggled with their hair, and even to date because we want to look nice and professional. We have worked out our hair with different products just to make it silky, always straightening it to look just like the ones we see in movies. Putting on weaves and wigs in attempt to make it more appealing to our friends, family, workmates and bosses. Always battling to make our hair do what it wasn’t meant to do and now the good thing is  human hair is here, we need to be real by embracing our natural African hair.

Our natural hair, long or short, smooth or rough we don’t need to struggle with it and spending  extraordinary cost on it. Gone are the days when we were discriminated about our hair at school or work, when the stereotype was black women always wear fake hair “weaves or wigs”, when relaxing was the trend, if you didn’t relax it you are sent back home from school to relaxing or shave it or you could be called out in the work space and told  you need to adhere to standards. Enough of all this, the secret recipes for African hair has been revealed. African women are starting to embrace their natural hair.


Hundreds of African hair styles now exist that we can wear and feel even more confident and professional without going through the pain of cost, finding the right human hair, wig or weave and dealing scalp burns. The styles range from Dreadlocks, Short haircuts, Cornrows, Fish braids, Havana twist, Bantu knots, fro-hawk, Roll-tuck-pin, Flat twist, Pompadour, Cinnamon roll up-do, Teeny Weeny Afro and much more. Natural beauty is the happiness to every living being,  therefore don’t be skeptical about wearing a style using your natural hair. Get African hairstyles inspiration from various sites including tress , Pinterest and thirsty roots . There are many other sources where you can get different African hairstyle inspiration online.





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