Baby steps is what it takes

Young but she wants to walk

She can see herself winning the race

The burning desire can’t just stop

Giving up is not an option


Stunning beauty, vibrant smile

Proud of who she has become

Dynamic, Enterprising, Sanguine

It’s all in her, meant to shine

Tomorrow’s influencer 


Not always working as she wants

But that’s life, working in God’s favor

All is well, working for her good

Struggles are stepping stones

Success is the Golden crown


Searching for there already answers

She has not figured it all out

The mind is everything

The result from her thoughts

Even in the midst of the mist


Clear path to happiness not just for her

Combined passion with contribution

How she sees herself is everything

But not so far enough to be someone else

Do it no matter what, Oremm


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  1. This is brilliant. the charisma in you speaks volumes… great work soldier…

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