A Taste of Toviyah Coffee Scrubs

Last Saturday I got this amazing coffee scrubs that I can’t give up using. I don’t remember ever scrubbing my skin in the past though. I just never consider it as something that I had to do occasionally. Toviyah coffee scrubs have changed the narrative for me. Their floral nutty fragrance is just indescribable with fine texture that soothes the face leaving it smooth. Due to it’s wholesome benefits, going forward I commit to scrubbing my skin with Toviyah coffee scrubs.

Victorious Bones

My first glance at this handmade crafts fell on their uncomplicated attractiveness. Uniquely created from waste bones sourced from butcheries and slaughterhouses. Passed down from our ancestors who used bones to create weapons, musical instruments, utensils, and carved articles. Steel and plastic has been a hazard to our environment and the resourceful bones are now being  considered fit for human use at Victorious bones art craft in Kibera.


To complete an ensemble that represents you, what you place on your feet is just as important as what you wear, and can even take your outfit to the next level. You can consider footwear from Kshoes as must-haves because they are one of a kind, fresh designs that are also made with substance, from the company’s mission, to the shoes’ comfort to your soles. Kshoes produces eco-friendly, fashionable footwear for both global and local markets. Their shoes are made from recycled tires & leather, Kitenge fabric,  suede,  new and old used denim fabric . All designs are handcrafted by local Kibera artisans using traditional techniques that preserve our culture, respect the environment, and empower the people. Their distinct designs are inspired by Kenya’s vibrant culture, colors, textures and way of life.

My Day at An Art Gallery

Art is life, the things we see and do on a daily basis all combined together brought into a summary in the form of a simple painting or drawing. Art is not just about pretty things neither is it what we see but what we make others visualize. It is also an outward expression of an inward emotional conflict, feelings and even happiness. When I saw the art beside me with a half face lady at Uweza Art, I couldn’t straight forward tell the hidden meaning of the image. I thought it was just a beautiful paint of a lady’s lips who is silenced or is hiding from the world.

Meet Angelina

During the December holiday, we set out to meet one of the women support group based in Kibera. This was on our continually search for brands that create African designs and local products. Upon arrival we met Angelina the support group lead, a multitalented woman who trains the group into making various products using her artistic skills. Some of their items include; Mats which comes in various shapes and colors depending on their purposes ie. (floor, table, bathroom & toilet mats), baby shoes crochet, homemade detergents from regular soaps to antiseptics, bags, and other accessories. Through this they are able to monetize their products enabling them to support themselves as most of them are either widows or single mums. I found the group to be welcoming and high in spirit in their activities enabling me to learn how to sew mats. No doubt the experience was one of a kind.

Vendors Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas to all, wishing you peace and joy this holiday seasons and throughout the coming year. Once again we find ourselves enmeshed in this holiday season, that very special time of year when we join with our loved ones in sharing old memories, traditions and rituals. One thing about Christmas though is that you can’t give up on shopping, so this week will be uploading different products from vendors on the product shop section. The product page is for advertising items from accessories to natural skin care oils and other consumer product. When you click on any item in the product page it will redirect you to the vendors contact details or site enabling you to shop directly from them. Giving you a chance to interacted one on one with them and also make custom orders. This week as you shop, don’t forget to visit to enjoy shopping directly from our vendors. Lastly if you are a vendor making any African designs and local products, has a Christmas gift for you. We are giving the first ten vendors who will email us about their products, free space on our product page to showcase their items. Don’t hesitate, send five images of the items you want to showcase, their description and the link you wants to connecting to. Happy holidays.


Millionah Arts

Maasai art which is dominated by bead-work remains the focus of demonstrating the most authentic ethnic tribe of Kenya the Maasai. The bead-work is used to create accessories like necklaces, bracelets, pendants, anklets, belts, and sandals, as well as home decor and a number of household tools. Their products are for both men and women, and they’re used in cultural practices such as weddings, rituals, and community events. It is considered a woman’s duty to do bead-work from Maasai community but that has changed and almost anyone from any tribe in Kenya can do bead-work whether male or female.

Carry a Fabulous Bag

A woman’s bag carries her whole life not to mention even a spoon, that’s why you have to be cautious before looking inside a woman’s bag without her permission. Generally a bag is a very important accessories in every individual’s life, not only does it help to carry things around but also to keep stuff. Before it’s was rare to spot someone carrying an African print bag around unless it’s in an event so as to have a sense of uniqueness from the rest. This is gradually changing and carrying an African print bag is becoming a trend. That’s where Biafrik comes in with African designed bags for different occasion including gym, office, travel and night outs. I have no doubt you will love Biafrik collection of tailored African bags.

Proudly Made In Africa

Recently I posted two articles on  facebook related to how Africa is fairing on with embracing African wear including the authenticity of the fabrics. It may take a while for some countries to adopt to this culture which to me should just come out naturally, because our resources are our greatest treasure. Africa has really amazing resources that are fabricated to come up with outstanding products. This includes the African jewelry’s which are known for quality and beauty all over the world. Made from different raw materials like the African krobo bracelets made in Ghana.

New things I learnt About Coconut

Coconuts are known for their multifaceted uses ranging from cosmetics, medicines to nutritional foods that are a regular part of diet for many people in the coastal regions. With it’s nutritious source of meat, juice, milk and oil rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals providing many health benefits beyond nutritional content. Apart from that people have found different ways to use the remains of coconut. The hard shell and coir from the fibrous husk have been used to make fascinating things including charcoal, bowl, floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses, beautiful carvings and home decors. 


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