Rekindled love

I would give you a thousand chances to swallow my heart if it means I get to write and hear those little stories about you over again. Waking up to the embrace of your beauty, a lifetime love, a world within your world inside, a dream inside your dream, a cocoon of memories of every moment spent with you. I have trouble sleeping without you, I lose touch with myself without your presences, you have no idea of how hard it is to force myself to stop thinking about you all the time. You might be out of sight but never out of my mind, I want to walk holding your hands to manifest the charm of our love in the street of Nairobi where will never get lonely. Travel with you to take a look at this big world before dark, side by side never losing sight.

The Fear of Failure and my 100% Failure Hypothesis

The Fear of Failure and my 100% Failure Hypothesis The Fear of Failure “Failure simply means that you are trying” this was a quote uttered by one of the most inspirational persons I have had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Michael Flynn. He spoke with immense conviction and belief you would think him insane all the while your heart oscillating in tandem with the vibrations of his voice. What was even more unbelievable was when he explained to us the story of his life, a life that resembled a James Bond movie or the highly rated Netflix thriller Narcos packed with crime and guns, than that of a later entrepreneur and philanthropist. However, what was striking about all this was that it seemed as if his failures were not an

Happy New Year To All

Yet again the year is young with so much optimism and enthusiasm. Success, fun, new ventures are at the top of our imaginations, it’s time to unfold new pages and start new chapters in our lives. Memories of our experiences will continually linger in our minds, they will sneak out of our eyes and roll down our cheeks, make us wish that we had done some things differently, smile no matter what’s going on in our lives and give us hope of a better tomorrow. All in all we should appreciate what we have, where we are and who we are with in this moment. I wish you a happy new year, may you have the strength to build a brighter tomorrow, continue reading & sharing my blog post and shop for products  in store for you this coming new year.

Wedding Day Fantasies

First time attending a wedding I was twelve years, my mum sew an outfit that made me look like a thirty five year old lady going to work. I loved it, tell me to wear that type of outfit now and see my jaws drop down before saying a word. Anyway back then, weddings weren’t as fun for me as I imagined they would  be, but recently things have been different. I no longer go with mum to weddings since turning eighteen, preparation starts quite early not just to attend the wedding but also to meet with friends, take photos, eat and talk about wedding fantasies including: the bridegroom to be, bridesmaids, theme color, food but most importantly when we are getting married and how we want it to be.

Staying True

Leather-beads choker from angeliquewear

Growing up comes with so much responsibility, constantly reflecting on who we really are and our purpose in life. Three months ago I stopped posting articles on my website though I was active on social-media. It was time to hold on the line to reconsider the life I had chosen to live, and I had to be true to myself without selfish doing things to satisfy my ego. Staying true was key for me, a decision that completely changed my life plans, I knew I had to stand alone, stop kicking against the pricks and let go.

The Ocean Call

If it happens that you are standing on the shore of the most beautiful scenery the ocean this holiday, where in every direction the twilight blue ocean meets the grey clouds on the horizon, you can’t just miss the view of the golden shoreline in the dead of night and the light of day as the sunsets. The wind, in gentle breezes kisses the sand with saline lips, as it brushes over your whole body taking you to your flow state.

I Keep Mine Short

Over the past years, African women have struggled with their hair, and even to date because we want to look nice and professional. We have worked out our hair with different products just to make it silky, always straightening it to look just like the ones we see in movies. Putting on weaves and wigs in attempt to make it more appealing to our friends, family, workmates and bosses. Always battling to make our hair do what it wasn’t meant to do and now the good thing is  human hair is here, we need to be real by embracing our natural African hair.


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