The Glamour In Simplicity

Glamour lies in simplicity which is the ultimate sophistication. Being up tight in our dressing code is no longer the norm of standing out neither is it the definition of cute. Great beauty is a mystery which comes through simplicity, and that’s why great design is a great complexity presented via simplicity like this dashiki shirt dress. Dashiki print which originated from West Africa countries also known as Angelina print is not off the trend yet, so lets enjoy the shine while it lasts. I love shirt dresses for one reason, they are loose, breezy and not fitted or clingy which makes me feel comfortable in them. They sound like casual wear but they have the power to take you everywhere from the office to after-work drinks or a picnic.

Beyond Runways

People have different views about the African fashion industry currently, talking of African fabric which portrays the visual identity of African fashion being dominated by Asian textile manufacturers topping the news headlines. Irrespective of this deficiency in the industry, I am convinced that we have experienced immense improvement in the African fashion industry that has encouraged the rise of modern fashion designers and entrepreneurs.

Future of Fashion

Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life, contributing to the delight we get from our self-worth based on how people perceive us. Staying trendy in the fashion zone is something that much of society aims to do. No doubt the fashion tech startups are taking up the lead to make it accessible at all times in style. You can buy it from

Rolling In Dashiki Balloon Top

Everything we see has a story behind it, even the brightly colored embroidered dashiki fabrics. Dashiki originate from West Africa countries, the name derived from the Hausa word ʼdan ciki’ meaning shirt, although some call it Angelina print. It bears different cultural necessities and has mostly been used to create tunics or shirts that are worn during hot climate. Back in 1960’s dashiki was worn as a way to protest society’ s disrespect for African Americans. It was a symbol of black unity and pride indicating the return to the African roots, and demand on full rights in American society.

Remarkable Symbol of Headwraps

Headwraps are not specific to any culture, how it’s tied is what is cultural about it. We are past the days when wearing headwraps determined your social status, identity and other dismissive perspective.

One symbolic function of the headwrap was to maintain Southern white power in a society based economically and socially on racial slavery. Noteworthy in this respect are the ordinances which regulated African American dress throughout the South during the eighteenth century (Wares, 1981:131-136). In effect, whites used these dress codes to outwardly distinguish those without power from those who held it.


Why not go African style

White with wavy multicolored purple, orange, black and spring green mix African wax print formal close-fitting dress, is a rare sartorial that will not only make you classy but gives you a bold feminine appearance. Clown necked and sleeveless making it accentuate, more comfortable for different formal occasions. With the right pair of shoes and accessories have no doubt that you will have a fantastic formal day.

Circle classic pencil with full top

Even though dinner or any semi-formal event invite can leave you clueless, you definitely still want to put on something that will send a second gaze. At the same time you don’t want to feel so casual or very formal but also comfortable. A voluminous full strapless low top and a straight pencil skirt can be an amazing African outfit to kick off with. A simple neck piece with bungles and earrings are best accessories to species up your costume.


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