People have different views about the African fashion industry currently, talking of African fabric which portrays the visual identity of African fashion being dominated by Asian textile manufacturers topping the news headlines. Irrespective of this deficiency in the industry, I am convinced that we have experienced immense improvement in the African fashion industry. That has encouraged the rise of modern fashion designers and entrepreneurs.As a young passionate fashion enthusiast building my brand around African fashion and designs. I believe fashion is not all about outfits which makes our cultural diversity of music, textures and colors vibrant. To me fashion is beyond runways, accessories, cosmetics, art and craft are also part of nurturing African fashion designs. Looking at brands like Eyanaturals, Naya, Nyumbani design, AnitaQuansahLondon, iami have gone out of their way to create products that bring diversity into how fashion is perceived by leveraging on local resources.  Although I can’t resist appreciating the captivating work of some designers like Deola founder of House of Deola in Nigeria, Anyango Mpinga founder AnyangoMpinga brand in Kenya , Wacy Zacarias, founder of Karingana Wa Karingana Textiles Mozambique, Mustafa Hassanali collection featured in mustafahassanali Tanzania and other various fashion designers, their designs are inspired by the African culture and art, always bringing a new taste to fashion.  

Technological changes is driving the growth of this industry in terms of manufacturing, distribution and marketing. Getting a custom-made African wear was quite a process for me. When I changed my focus to African fashion which turned out to be an incredible moment for me. I had limited option with choosing a design that the seamstress could sew but I thinking we are past that by now. Online marketplaces like Gistaportal, Totally Ethnik, Nashona, Woodin, and others are making African brands easily accessible to individuals all over the global.  The creativity is blossoming and the activities are bubbly, with all this in place, I’m certain that African fashion has the potential of taking Paris out of the waters. I don’t want you to miss out, charity begins at home, explore and embrace African designs in fashion.



  1. Don’t I just love the bag. And make sure you bring the guitar home. Awesome work. Cheers!

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