Beyond Runways

People have different views about the African fashion industry currently, talking of African fabric which portrays the visual identity of African fashion being dominated by Asian textile manufacturers topping the news headlines. Irrespective of this deficiency in the industry, I am convinced that we have experienced immense improvement in the African fashion industry that has encouraged the rise of modern fashion designers and entrepreneurs.

Future of Fashion

Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life, contributing to the delight we get from our self-worth based on how people perceive us. Staying trendy in the fashion zone is something that much of society aims to do. No doubt the fashion tech startups are taking up the lead to make it accessible at all times in style. You can buy it from

The Ocean Call

If it happens that you are standing on the shore of the most beautiful scenery the ocean this holiday, where in every direction the twilight blue ocean meets the grey clouds on the horizon, you can’t just miss the view of the golden shoreline in the dead of night and the light of day as the sunsets. The wind, in gentle breezes kisses the sand with saline lips, as it brushes over your whole body taking you to your flow state.

I Keep Mine Short

Over the past years, African women have struggled with their hair, and even to date because we want to look nice and professional. We have worked out our hair with different products just to make it silky, always straightening it to look just like the ones we see in movies. Putting on weaves and wigs in attempt to make it more appealing to our friends, family, workmates and bosses. Always battling to make our hair do what it wasn’t meant to do and now the good thing is  human hair is here, we need to be real by embracing our natural African hair.

New things I learnt About Coconut

Coconuts are known for their multifaceted uses ranging from cosmetics, medicines to nutritional foods that are a regular part of diet for many people in the coastal regions. With it’s nutritious source of meat, juice, milk and oil rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals providing many health benefits beyond nutritional content. Apart from that people have found different ways to use the remains of coconut. The hard shell and coir from the fibrous husk have been used to make fascinating things including charcoal, bowl, floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses, beautiful carvings and home decors. 

Rolling In Dashiki Balloon Top

Everything we see has a story behind it, even the brightly colored embroidered dashiki fabrics. Dashiki originate from West Africa countries, the name derived from the Hausa word ʼdan ciki’ meaning shirt, although some call it Angelina print. It bears different cultural necessities and has mostly been used to create tunics or shirts that are worn during hot climate. Back in 1960’s dashiki was worn as a way to protest society’ s disrespect for African Americans. It was a symbol of black unity and pride indicating the return to the African roots, and demand on full rights in American society.

Remarkable Symbol of Headwraps

Headwraps are not specific to any culture, how it’s tied is what is cultural about it. We are past the days when wearing headwraps determined your social status, identity and other dismissive perspective.

One symbolic function of the headwrap was to maintain Southern white power in a society based economically and socially on racial slavery. Noteworthy in this respect are the ordinances which regulated African American dress throughout the South during the eighteenth century (Wares, 1981:131-136). In effect, whites used these dress codes to outwardly distinguish those without power from those who held it.


Your Beauty Is Your Pride

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but I add that beauty is in the hands of the holder. Our skin, hair, body shape, most of the time we contribute to how we look like. We want a smooth glowing  skin, soft good looking hair and we come across different types of cosmetic that are meant to fulfill our desire. But have you ever considered using natural cosmetic for your skin or hair?. If not I will advice you to try it, because they are the latest fixation in the field of beauty and fashion. Manufactured with natural ingredients extracted from plants and flowers with vitamin E that gives you a healthy and glowing skin.


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