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    Staying true

    Chokers from Angelique Wear

    Leather-beads choker from angeliquewear

    Growing up comes with so much responsibility, constantly reflecting on who we really are and our purpose in life. Three months ago I stopped posting articles on my website though I was active on social-media. It was time to hold on the line to reconsider the life I had chosen to live, and I had to be true to myself without selfish doing things to satisfy my ego. Staying true was key for me, a decision that completely changed my life plans, I knew I had to stand alone, stop kicking against the pricks and let go. Continue Reading

  • Art

    Future of Fashion

    Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life, contributing to the delight we get from our self-worth based on how people perceive us. Staying trendy in the fashion…

  • Style

    Her Fire

      Baby steps is what it takes Young but she wants to walk She can see herself winning the race The burning desire can’t just stop Giving up is not an…

  • Style

    Rolling In Dashiki Balloon Top

    Everything we see has a story behind it, even the brightly colored embroidered dashiki fabrics. Dashiki originate from West Africa countries, the name derived from the Hausa word ʼdan ciki’ meaning shirt,…

  • Culture

    Remarkable Symbol of Headwraps

    Headwraps are not specific to any culture, how it’s tied is what is cultural about it. We are past the days when wearing headwraps determined your social status, identity and other…

  • Art

    Surprising Facts I learnt About Coconut

    Coconuts are known for their multifaceted uses ranging from cosmetics, medicines to nutritional foods that are a regular part of diet for many people in the coastal regions. With it’s nutritious…

  • Style

    Valentine With Her

    I love blue roses, unfortunately my love for blue doesn’t favor valentine. Valentine songs are everywhere, if you can’t hear it, then you can for sure see love in the air.…

  • Style

    Beyond Runways

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin People have different views about the African fashion industry currently, talking of African fabric which portrays the visual identity of African fashion being dominated by Asian…

  • Style

    If It Happens…

    If it happens that you are standing on the shore of the most beautiful scenery the ocean this holiday, where in every direction the twilight blue ocean meets the grey clouds…

  • Style

    I Keep Mine Short

    Over the past years, African women have struggled with their hair, and even to date because we want to look nice and professional. We have worked out our hair with different…


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