Why not go African style

White with wavy multicolored purple, orange, black and spring green mix African wax print formal close-fitting dress, is a rare sartorial that will not only make you classy but gives you a bold feminine appearance. Clown necked and sleeveless making it accentuate, more comfortable for different formal occasions. With the right pair of shoes and accessories have no doubt that you will have a fantastic formal day.

Duara Fashion

Aquarius photography

Duara fashions

A light-weight sleeveless plain yellow dress with an African print blended with brown, cream and black patches that can suit you in any occasion. It expresses your summer mood, makes it a fascinating piece that you can reach out to untold and unknown. For an awesome mashup, strappy sandals or flat doll shoes are the best to refine your taste.

Circle classic pencil with full top

Even though dinner or any semi-formal event invite can leave you clueless, you definitely still want to put on something that will send a second gaze. At the same time you don’t want to feel so casual or very formal but also comfortable. A voluminous full strapless low top and a straight pencil skirt can be an amazing African outfit to kick off with. A simple neck piece with bungles and earrings are best accessories to species up your costume.


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