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    Carry a fabulous bag

    A woman’s bag carries her whole life not to mention even a spoon, that’s why you have to be cautious before looking inside a woman’s bag without her permission. Generally a bag is a very important accessories in every individual’s life, not only does it help to carry things around but also to keep stuff. Before it’s was rare to spot someone carrying an African print bag around unless it’s in an event so as to have a sense of uniqueness from the rest. This is gradually changing and carrying an African print bag is becoming a trend. That’s where Biafrik comes in with African designed bags for different occasion including gym, office, travel and night outs. I have no doubt you will love Biafrik collection of tailored African bags. Continue Reading

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    Victorious Bones

    My first glance at this handmade crafts fell on their uncomplicated attractiveness. Uniquely created from waste bones sourced from butcheries and slaughterhouses. Passed down from our ancestors who used bones to…

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    Future of Fashion

    Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life, contributing to the delight we get from our self-worth based on how people perceive us. Staying trendy in the fashion…

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    Surprising Facts I learnt About Coconut

    Coconuts are known for their multifaceted uses ranging from cosmetics, medicines to nutritional foods that are a regular part of diet for many people in the coastal regions. With it’s nutritious…

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    Proudly Made In Africa

    Recently I posted two articles on  facebook related to how Africa is fairing on with embracing African wear including the authenticity of the fabrics. It may take a while for some…


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